What is The Right Amount of Wine?

The Right amount from Wine Growers CanadaWhen we are enjoying a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage we need to keep in mind how much alcohol is in the drink and how much we can drink to stay safe and sober.  I came across Wine Growers Canada that gives us some guidance to enjoying a standard drink, of whatever you libation and how to enjoy it safely.  Here is the information I pulled from their website for you.  It is a little late for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, but we should have many more holidays to celebrate this year and in years to come.

What is a Standard Drink?

According to Wine Growers Canada, in Canada, a standard drink refers to 13.6 grams of alcohol, and depends on a number of factors including:

  • Alcohol content
  • Serving size by volume

The volume poured and the percentage alcohol will determine the number of standard drinks consumed. Simply put, the higher the alcohol content, the smaller the pour size of a standard drink.

Their tips for drinking in moderation (during the holidays):

  • Wine tastes better in moderation, so take your time ­— sip, savour and enjoy!
  • Every wine is a unique combination of colour, smell and taste, so drink slowly, enjoy the moment, and pace yourself.
  • Try wines with lower alcohol content.
  • Pairing wine with food is a natural combination and enhances the experience. Eat before and while you are enjoying your wine.
  • Set your wine consumption limits, keep track (per day and per week), and stick to them to help moderate your alcohol consumption.
  • Drink slowly no more than 2 standard drinks in any 3 hours.
  • When you drink, stay hydrated and alternate between wine and water or other non-alcoholic beverages.

Not all Glasses of Wine are Equal 

In Canada, one standard drink of wine at 12% alcohol is 142 ml (5 oz), but often restaurants and bars will offer 171 ml (6 oz) or 256 ml (9 oz) for table wines, and usually smaller 85 ml (3 oz) for higher alcohol content fortified wines.

You can determine what makes a standard drink using this Standard Drink Calculator which can be used for wine, spirits, and beer.

Thank you to Wine Growers Canada for putting this information on the web to educate us all about safely enjoying ourselves during the holidays.

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