Two Sparkling Wines from Evolve Cellars for the Holidays

I have two sparkling BC wines that you may enjoy for the Holiday season from Evolve Cellars, a part of TIME Family of Wines.  The two wines I have for you are both made in the Charmat method (think Prosecco) and come with a bottle cap closure which means to me, you need to drink it all in one sitting with family or friends.  I don’t like capping a sparkling wine and drinking it the next day.  Carpe diem!

My Wine Tasting Notes

Evolve Cellars Effervescence NV (BC $21.99)

A blend of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Blanc.

Appearance: A medium intensity bright straw colour.  
Nose: Medium intensity aromas of pears, lees, and crisp apple.
Palate: Off-dry, with medium-plus body and acidity.  Pronounced flavours of crisp apple to start, then add pears on the mid-palate.  This wine does have a round mouthfeel.  Smaller, creamy bubbles.
Finish: Medium length finishing mostly with crisp apples and some apple skin.  A dry finish with some tartness at the very end.

Rating: 4 stars4.5 stars A very tasty and accessible sparkling wine.  Pears and crisp apple aromas which follow to the palate.  Open and enjoy.

Evolve Cellars Effervescence sparkling wines enjoyed on the patio with friends
Evolve Cellars Effervescence sparkling wines enjoyed on the patio with friends

It is never too cold to sit outside on the patio in Vancouver if you have a gazebo and outdoor patio heater!

Evolve Cellars Pink Effervescence NV (BC $21.99)

A blend of 70% Chardonnay and 28% Pinot Blanc and 2% Syrah.

Appearance: Clear medium intensity cherry & rose colour.
Nose: A medium intensity nose with strawberries and crisp apple aromas.  Fresh aromas.
Palate: Off-dry, with medium-plus body and acidity, and pronounced flavours.  Creamy, medium-sized bubbles, bigger than in the Effervescence.  Tart red cherries to start then add crisp apple on the mid-palate to the finish.  There is a touch of tannins from the Syrah. 
Finish: Medium-plus length finishing with mouthwatering acidity and flavours of red cherries and berries, apples, and some pepperiness.

Rating: 4 stars A fun sparkling rose wine that offers fresh aromas of strawberries and crisp apple.  Off-dry with medium-sized creamy bubbles.  Tart red cherries and crisp apple flavours.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can purchase both these wines through the TIME Family of Wines website:

The North Vancouver Everything Wine store has a few bottles of Pink Effervescence in stock.


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