Hard Bubbles: The Newest Member of the Wine Factory’s Fermented Products

I recently heard about the Wine Factory in New Westminster where you can make your own wine, but they also now offer you the ability to make a sparkling wine beverage called Hard Bubbles.  I’m going to visit the Wine Factory this weekend to check out the bubbles.  In the meantime, you can read about it in their press release below.


Hard BubblesAt the Wine Factory, innovation and creativity are in their DNA! When proprietor’s Don Holmsten and Michelle Sklar started to think, what else can they bring to their customers? A naturally fermented sparkling beverage that is entirely customizable, was the obvious answer. They named it Hard Bubbles. As entrepreneurs and creatives, Don and Michelle have never shied away from following their passions, and the resiliency they have built up over the years has only strengthened their ambitions to build successful endeavors together. From the moment they stepped into 649 Front Street, New Westminster and learned more about the journey of the Wine Factory, they could feel the excitement brewing at the possibilities! Nearly a year into having taken over the business they were ready to expand with a new product offering. A hard seltzer was an obvious fit, as not only is it the fastest growing category of alcoholic beverages, it would give the Wine Factory the opportunity to connect with a younger demographic and grow their customer base. Whereas wines are at their best after aging, hard seltzers can be consumed right away. In just two short weeks, makers can go from brewing, to canning to consuming!

While competitive pricing and a quick turn-around time are key selling factors for the Wine Factorys newest DIY product, its the customization that really stands out. Customers add their choice of flavorings to create a personalized beverage according to their own taste preferences, resulting in a refreshing beverage with a clean taste. Choices include freshly
squeezed seasonal juices, natural flavors such as Cherry, Green Apple, Peach or Raspberry, or herbal infusions such as Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade. Customers can even blend flavors. The options are endless. The canning station and custom labels allow every customer the opportunity to easily create something with their own unique look and taste.

“We are really excited to bring this compelling category of hard seltzer making to the Lower Mainland, as we know it will give customers new and fun ways of creating custom beverages. Adding to this, the simplicity of the seltzer making process, we know our customers will enjoy both the crafting experience and the end result!” said Don Holmsten,
Co-Proprietor of The Wine Factory.

Each batch makes a total of 23 Liters or about 48 tall cans (473ml) of hard seltzer. Compared to commercial products, the Wine Factorys Hard Bubbles is very competitively priced compared to the same category of beverage.

To learn more, or book a Hard Bubbles appointment, visit www.winefactory.ca.

About the Wine Factory

The Wine Factory, opened to serve New Westminster wine drinkers over two decades ago, and the citys first on-premise wine store, is the Lower Mainlands best U-VIN for craft wines at an affordable price. Located in the Historic Dupont Building, it is in the heart of New Westminsters waterfront district. We dont sell wine, we help you make wine at our location. We have all the equipment, space and expertise, all you need to do is come on down and pick your recipe then sprinkle some magic yeast dust! We can age your wine in oak barrels, make sparkling wine, even use the grape skins to increase the depth and complexity of your wine. Select from wine regions around the world and select the quality level you want!

New West Record A-List 2021 Winner of New Wests #1 Favorite for U-Brew on Premise Beer & Wine Making

For more information contact:
Don Holmsten, Co-Proprietor, The Wine Factory
(604) 540-8907

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