Have You Tried Winemaker’s CUT Fidelia Sparkling or Syrah 2019?

Puccini's Edgar Opera
Puccini’s Edgar Opera (Image courtesy Wikipedia)

Did you know that Winemaker’s CUT makes sparkling wine? It is made using the Charmat (Prosecco) method, and uses 95% Sauvignon Blanc and 5% Muscat Canelli grapes. The wine is called Fidelia, and it does have a meaning. Fidelia is one of the main characters of Puccini Opera Edgar. Fidelia is faithful and loyal, and filled with compassion and empathy.  I guess Michal Mosny, winemaker, maybe noting how these grapes ripen nicely and reliably every year.

I tasted this wine along with their Winemaker’s CUT Syrah 2019. Both wines are vegan friendly. Let me tell you about them.

My Wine Tasting Notes

Winemaker’s CUT Fidelia NV (BC $26)

The grapes were crushed and pressed; no skin contact. Wild and organic yeasts were used to ferment for 17 days.  The secondary fermentation was in Charmat tank for 30 days (to make the sparkle). 

Appearance: A pale pear skin colour.
Nose: A medium intensity nose with a prominent orange aroma together with lesser amounts of stone fruits and floral.
Palate: This wine is off-dry, with medium body, medium-plus acidity and flavour intensity. A mix of small creamy and biting bubbles. Mainly orange with a hint of peach flavour, but as the wine opens up a bit in your glass you get some Gewurztraminer-like spice and floral flavours as well.
Finish: A medium length finishing with oranges, both sweet and tart.

No decanting for sparkling wine.  Just chill the wine, then open and enjoy.

Rating: [usr 3.4] – 4 stars A fun bubble.  Off-dry with primarily orange aromas and flavours, along with lesser amounts of stone fruits.  Small creamy and biting bubble.  Some Gewurztraminer-like floral on the palate as well.

Winemaker's CUT Fidelia NV and Syrah 2019 with wines in glsses
Winemaker’s CUT Fidelia NV and Syrah 2019 with wines in glsses

Winemaker’s CUT Syrah 2019 (BC $32)

The grapes come from their Deadman Lake Vineyard.  The grapes are fermented using wild and organic yeasts, then aged for 6 months in Slovakian, American, and French oak barrels.

Appearance: A medium garnet colour, translucent from rim to core.
Nose: A medium intensity nose with aromas of red fruits, cinnamon and other sweet spices, and touches of candied cherry, floral, plums, oak and incense. The aromas stayed about the same with decanting, except I did not notice any hints of floral or incense.
Palate: This wine is dry, smooth and lean with very light tannins, and lighter acidity. A light mouthfeel overall. The wine does get smoother with some time in the glass. Red cherries, red fruit, and touches of sweet spices and plums on the palate. There were more dark fruit flavours with decanting along with raspberries, cassis, cocoa, and pepperiness.  
Finish: A medium length finishing dry, but not too tannic. Red cherries and tart red fruit with light pepperiness. A light finish. The tannins became a bit stronger after decanting.

This wine tastes great whether you decant or not.

Rating: 4 stars A medium-bodied Syrah with red fruits to start on the nose and palate which evolve to more dark fruits with decanting.  There are touches of sweet spices as well. Dry, lean and smooth with light tannins acid acidity. The wine gets smoother with decanting.  A medium length with light fruit flavours and pepperiness.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can buy both wines from the Winemaker’s CUT website:

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