Moon Curser Vineyards Big Red Wines Recall Barry White

Barry White (Image courtesy Los Angeles Times)
Barry White (Image courtesy Los Angeles Times)

If you like big, bold wines, then these two BC wines from Moon Curser Vineyards in Osoyoos fit the bill. If they were a singer, I’d suggest Barry White, with his big, deep, and silky voice. The two wines in question are the Moon Curser Vineyards Border Vines 2019, a Bordeaux blend, and the Dead of the Night 2019, a Syrah and Tannat blend (quite unusual for BC).

My Wine Tasting Notes

Moon Curser Vineyards Border Vines 2019 (BC $28.99++)

A Cabernet Sauvignon focused blend with Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and Carménère (62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc, 9% Petit Verdot, 9% Malbec, and 5% Carménère). The grapes were fermented separately.  The wine underwent malolactic fermentation.  This wine is vegan-friendly. 14.7% alc.

Appearance: About 98% opaque ruby.
Nose: A medium-plus intensity nose with floral, cassis, cinnamon and candied black cherry aromas, then with some swirling you get touches of smoke, chocolate, vanilla, and capsicum. With decanting there is almost the same variety of aromas, but you lose the floral, candied cherries and cinnamon.
Palate: Dry, light-body, that starts off lean but then gets rounder with air. Medium intensity firm tannins and medium acidity. Sweet ripe red fruit flavours, plus ripe raspberry, plum and some purple fruit flavours. Black pepper on the mid-palate. Touches of sweet spices, oak and chocolate. Primarily fruit flavours. I was surprised that the wine stayed lean, not rounder after decanting.  The fruit flavours stayed the same and the tannins remained firm.
Finish: A medium length finishing with firm drying tannins, sweet purple fruit and light pepperiness. 

I prefer the undecanted version, as it had more aromas and became rounder after a few minutes in the glass.

Rating: 4.5 stars undecanted.  A delicious wine with pretty floral, cassis and cinnamon spices aromas.  Dry, light body that gets rounder with swirling.  Sweet ripe red and purple fruit flavours, along with a touch of capsicum, chocolate, and oak.  Firm drying tannins on the finish.

Moon Curser Vineyards Dead of the Night 2019 and Border Vines 2019 with wines in glasses
Moon Curser Vineyards Dead of the Night 2019 and Border Vines 2019 with wines in glasses

Moon Curser Vineyards Dead of the Night 2019 (BC $42.99++. Sold out at the winery.)

This is a blend of 53% Tannat and 47% Syrah.  Moon Curser was the first winery to plant Tannat in the Okanagan in 2005 at its Home Vineyard in Osoyoos. The grapes were fermented separately.  The wine underwent malolactic fermentation.  This wine is vegan-friendly. 15.7% alc. The 2019 blend is slightly heavier in Tannat, allowing for fantastic ageing potential.

Appearance: Really opaque ruby from rim to core.
Nose: A light intensity nose with a mix of vanilla, cinnamon, red fruit, some candied and jammy fruits, plus cedar, red cherries and chocolate with air. Same aromas with decanting plus some toast.
Palate: Off-dry with a rich, thick, round, and silky soft mouthfeel. Fine light tannins. Very ripe black fruit, plums, with a touch of red fruits, floral, and vanilla flavours. Tannins get stronger on the mid-palate. The flavours and intensity stay the same, but as a bonus you get cocoa followed by coffee flavour on the mid-palate!
Finish: A medium-plus length finishing with firmer tannins, ripe red and black fruits, and light pepperiness. Sweet black fruits, peppery and firm tannins on the finish with decanting.

An excellent wine to drink with or without decanting.  

Rating: 4.5 stars5 stars A wine that starts off with light aromas of red fruit, jammy fruit, vanilla and sweet spices, then fills your mouth with a rich, thick, round and silky softness.  Lots of ripe jammy dark fruit, plums, sweet spices, and a touch of floral.  Firm tannins and light pepperiness on the finish.

Both wines are very high in alcohol, but you don’t get the hotness from it.  The fruitiness of these wines I think balances out the high alcohol content.

Barry White

In case you like Barry White, here is a video you can watch while you enjoy these wines with your significant other. I think it would also be great music to play in the Moon Curser Vineyards tasting room.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can purchase the Border Vines 2019 at the winery website. These wines are available at the Swirl Wine Store and at Everything Wine.

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