Have You Tried Domaine Gassier Lou Coucardié Red 2012 from AOC Costieres de Nimes?

Today I have a bottle of Lou Coucardié Red 2012 from the well-known winemaker, Monsieur Michel Gassier from AOC Costieres de Nimes in the south of France, part of the Rhone Valley. This red wine is a blend of 49% Mourvedre, 35% Grenache, and 16% Syrah, coming from his organic vines.

If you wonder what is Lou Coucardié, the winery says “This cuvée is baptized after our regional bull – a noble
adversary in our tradition of bull games where man is pursued by beast, not the other way around. Strong and
courageous, he embodies our ideal. Here we’re exploring new territories with the hope of finding the most intimate expression of our terroir. ”  Note the bull on the label!

My Wine Tasting Notes

Domaine Gassier Lou Coucardié Red 2012 (QC $34)

Manual harvest with double sorting and incorporation of whole cluster (30%). Fermentation by native yeast with no addition of SO2. Long macerations (30 days) & manual punching down of the cap. Ageing on lees for 12 months in demi-muids (600L) or 500L. One single bottling run without filtration.

Domaine Gassier Lou Coucardié Red 2012 with wine in glass

Domaine Gassier Lou Coucardié Red 2012 with wine in glass

Appearance: Medium-plus garnet with a touch of bricking on the rim. Visible tears on the sides of the glass with swirling.
Nose: Medium intensity nose showing a mix of dried meat, red fruits, smokiness, sweet spices, blackberries and black cherries aromas. With decanting you get dried black fruits, the dried meat, sweet spices, red fruits, and oak, but overall I’d say it has a port-like aroma.
Palate: Dry, medium-plus body, round with bright acidity and soft fine tannins. Complex flavours. Earthy with a touch of leather, a melding of red fruits and spicy flavours, plus touches of plums, rains, violet, and oak. You get most of the same flavours, other than the violet, but you now can add black cherries and minerality (and an overall port-like flavour).  I think the wine becomes smoother with decanting as well.
Finish: A medium length finishing with red fruits, pepperiness and oak. The wine has a longer length with decanting, and the tannins are firm and fine.  You get dried black fruit, black cherries, pepperiness and oak.

Both decanted and undecanted are nice to drink, but for me, I enjoy the range of aromas and flavours in the undecanted version, although the smoothness and minerality of the decanted version are also enticing.  The winery recommends letting this wine age for 3 years before opening, but as it is now 9 years since bottling, no need for further ageing.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars undecanted.  Medium garnet with a touch of bricking.  Medium intensity nose with a mix of dried meat, red fruits, blackberries and cherries, some smokiness and sweet spices. Dry, round and soft with light acidity and fine tannins.  Red fruits and spiciness are mixed together, plus you get some plum, raisin and dried fruits.  Pepperiness and oak on the finish with firm, fine-grained tannins.

Where Can I Buy This Wine?

You can purchase this wine in Quebec through the SAQ. I have not located it yet in BC or Ontario, but will keep searching and update this section once I find additional locations for this wine.


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