Modest Wines Petit Verdot and Sangiovese for Your Pleasure

Modest Wines by Jove Sangiovese 2019 and Little Green Red Petit Verdot 2018 labels
Modest Wines by Jove Sangiovese 2019 and Little Green Red Petit Verdot 2018 labels
Do you like delicious red wines?  I have two for your today from Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery in West Kelowna.  Their Modest Wines by Jove Sangiovese 2019 and the Modest Wines Little Green Red Petit Verdot 2018.  “by Jove” and “Little Green Red” have meanings that are hinted at by the graphics on the label.  The by Jove label shows grilled meat and herbs and stones.  I am picking up some herbal character, either sage or other related herb flavour in this wine with decanting.  I think the “by Jove” may be By Jove, I think he got it.  In other words, they created a very tasty blend.  The Little Green Red has pencil leads oak, fermenting grapes, and maybe coffee beans.  They note on the label that the Petit Verdot is not actually green or little, so maybe they are going for reverse psychology?  I did not note any pencil lead or coffee bean aromas or flavours either.  This label remains a mystery.  Hopefully, I can get some feedback from the winery to clarify the title. Regardless, both are very tasty wines.

My Wine Tasting Notes

Modest Wines by Jove Sangiovese 2019 (BC $29.99)

From Mt. Boucherie, “Our first “Super-Okanagan”, first basked in the sun-drenched, sage-scented slopes of the black sage bench. 95% Sangiovese with a dash of Okanagan’s most prolific grape thrown in for some balance…” That would be Merlot.  Super-Okanagan is a take-off on the term Super-Tuscan, which is a wine from Tuscany made with Sangiovese and lesser amounts of one or more other noble grape varieties.

Appearance: A medium-plus depth of clear garnet colour.  About 50% opaque.
Nose: A medium intensity sweet nose, with a mix of sweet spices, sweet red fruits, candied raspberries, cinnamon and cedar, along with a hint of floral with swirling. You still get sweet fruit aromas and sweet spices after decanting. You can add some blackberry aromas and maybe drop the floral.
Palate: Dry and soft with a light, lean body.  Lower acidity and very light tannins.  Smoky red fruits and raspberry flavours, along with some toastiness and a hint of floral.  A lighter mouthfeel on the mid-palate. The wine gets a little bit of roundness with decanting.  Red cherries, and either sage or another related herb, along with the other mentioned flavours.  There is some black pepper on the mid-palate and some minerality as well.
Finish: A medium-length finishing with a mix of red fruits, tart red fruits, some toastiness, light black pepper and oak, and light tannins.

Either decanted or undecanted versions of this wine are good, but I would give a slight edge to the undecanted version.
Rating: 4 stars without decanting you get sweet spices and sweet red fruit aromas.  Dry, light-body, lean with a soft mouthfeel.  Red fruits, some smokiness, and raspberry flavours plus touches of floral and black pepper.
Modest Wines by Jove Sangiovese 2019 and the Modest Wines Little Green Red Petit Verdot 2018 with wines in glasses

Modest Wines Little Green Red Petit Verdot 2018 (BC $29.99 SOLD OUT)

Appearance: A clear almost opaque garnet in colour.
Nose: A light intensity nose with enticing smoky, bacon, ripe black fruit and cassis aromas, along with touches of sweet spices and oak, and tea leaves with air. With decanting there are more obvious cedar and vanilla aromas, plus ripe black fruit.  Unfortunately, I did not get any smoky, bacon, cassis, or tea leaves.  The undecanted version has nicer aromas in my opinion.
Palate: Dry, but silky smooth and round with a thicker mouthfeel.  Lower acidity along with fine-grained light tannins.  Black fruits to start with smokiness on the mid-palate.  A touch of floral, raspberries, and vanilla with swirling.  Still silky smooth with raspberries, black fruits, and some smokiness with decanting.  The acidity may be a bit stronger but the body is a little lighter.
Finish: A longer length finishing with lingering black fruit and touches of floral and black pepper.  The tannins do get a little firmer and drying on the finish.
The undecanted version has a wider variety of aromas and flavours, plus the body is a bit bigger upon first opening.
Rating: 4.5 stars without decanting.  Enticing smoky, bacon, and black fruit aromas. A silk glove on the palate.  Smooth with a thicker mouthfeel.  Black fruits and raspberries with some smokiness on the mid-palate and a touch of floral.  Linger black fruit and touches of floral and black pepper on the finish.
I think either wine would be nice with bbq.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

The Sangiovese is available on the Mt. Boucherie website, but the Petit Verdot is sold out at the winery.  I checked BC liquor stores and on various private wine shops, but have not seen either wine listed yet.  You may need to keep checking with your local store. 
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