Closson Chase Churchside Chardonnay 2018

Closson Chase Churchside Chardonnay, Prince Edward County 2018 (ON $50)

Closson Chase Churchside Chardonnay 2018
Closson Chase Churchside Chardonnay 2018

Now, I’m not an ABC-er (Anything But Chardonnay), but oaked Chardonnay just never has been my go-to.

However, my mind might be changed now. I was making veggie poutine last night AND craving a white wine. I knew that an oaked Chardonnay would be the perfect match for the roasted potatoes, mushroom gravy, and goat cheese curds – so I did it. I opened an oaked Chardonnay. 

My gut did not steer me wrong with this pairing.

Closson Chase’s 2018 Churchside Chardonnay is a wine of beauty. Of the few times I’ve had white Burgundies, I’d say this could rival it. A bold statement, I know. 

With buttery aromas of soft apples and pears, brioche, marzipan, classic ricola (lemon, honey, and mint), along with nutmeg and other sweet baking spices – it held its own to the bolder meal pairing.

The finish was long and the flavours all balanced with a finesse on the palate.

Ontario – get your hands on this wine!
Everyone else – pray our borders open soon so you can plan a visit to Prince Edward County! 

Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author: Anita Dorion