Have you Tried Daffodils To Go Canned Wine from Seaside Pearl?

I now can say I’ve tried my first can of BC wine, courtesy of Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery and their Daffodils To Go Sparkling Wine 2019 from the Fraser Valley. This sparkling wine is made with the Charmat method (think Prosecco) so that you can enjoy a sparkling wine soon after the grape harvest. I had to sit on my patio to open and enjoy this wine. It is 250ml so not a problem to finish by yourself.  I am not sure which grapes are used in this wine, but guess it is a blend of aromatic white grapes, possibly Petit Milo and Pinot Gris.

My Wine Tasting Notes

Seaside Pearl Daffodils To Go Sparkling Wine 2019 (250ml can)

This wine must be ordered online in quantities of 6 packs or 9 packs only. $41.65 6 pack – $61.20 9 pack.

Seaside Pearl Daffodils To Go Sparkling Wine 2019 in glass on the patio
Seaside Pearl Daffodils To Go Sparkling Wine 2019 in glass on the patio

Appearance: A medium lemon colour with medium-sized bubbles, no mousse.
Nose: A medium intensity ripe grapefruit aroma.
Palate: Dry with tropical fruit, grapefruit, and crisp red apple flavours. I also picked up a touch of lychee as well. Medium-plus acidity and prickle on your tongue. A thicker mouthfeel.
Finish: a medium to medium-minus length finishing with mouthwatering acidity, and citrus and grapefruit flavours.
Rating: 4 stars

I tried this wine with some homemade Indian spiced cashews, and it worked quite well.
A straightforward bubble for you to enjoy on your patio, at the beach or a park. Have an indulgent snack with it. Enjoy!

Where Can I Buy This Wine?

From Seaside Pearl’s online order web page.

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