Celebrating Winemaker Lynzee Schatz from TIME Winery on International Women’s Day

Lynzee Schatz winemaker at TIME Estate Winery (Image courtesy Evolve Cellars)
Lynzee Schatz winemaker at TIME Estate Winery (Image courtesy Evolve Cellars)

Yesterday, I wrote about my participation in International Women’s Day with a virtual wine tasting of wines by TIME Winery and Evolve Cellars.  The two wines were the Evolve Pink Effervescence and the TIME Winery Syrah 2018. We were told that Lynzee Schatz joined TIME in 2018 and took on the harvest, so we were tasting her first vintage of wines. Lynzee is originally from the Okanagan, but travelled to  California, Australia, and Ontario to gain some harvest experience before coming back home.

I also re-taste wines that I open so that I can give people a chance to see whether it is worth decanting a wine, or just enjoying it as soon as you open the bottle, but please pour in a glass first!  To further honour Lynzee’s first harvest with TIME Winery, I wanted to make sure that I gave these two wines their time to be re-tasted and reviewed in full.

My Tasting Notes

Evolve Pink Effervescence, NV (BC $19.99)

This wine is primarily Pinot Blanc, but does have some Merlot in this sparkling blend.  It is made in the Charmat method.  Normally I don’t do a re-taste on sparkling wines, but today I did as I could give my full attention to the wine.

Appearance: It is a very bright wine, with an orange rose petal colour.
Nose: Medium intensity aromas of strawberries, red fruits and watermelon.
Palate: Medium-plus body with higher acidity.  Very creamy, small bubbles. Flavours of strawberries, watermelon, and citrus upon first sip.  I did sip this wine over our session and I noted that flavours of pear, some green bramble or lime, also came out. The next day I noted that along with the strawberries and watermelon flavours there was also quite a strong crisp red apple flavour.
Finish: A medium minus length, with a peppery finish.  Flavours of red fruits, pears and a touch of sweetness.

Overall a very tasty wine that I recommend to enjoy with friends on the patio as soon as we get our COVID vaccinations.

Rating:  4 stars4.5 stars 

Evolve Pink Effervescence, NV and TIME Winery Syrah 2018 with wines in glasses
Evolve Pink Effervescence, NV and TIME Winery Syrah 2018 with wines in glasses

TIME Winery Syrah 2018  (BC $39.99)

This wine has grapes coming from Osoyoos, and is aged for 18 months in 1-2 year old French oak barrels.     Many times when you think of a Syrah wine, you expect a big wine with a thick, heavy mouthfeel.  This wine surprised me on my initial tasting during our celebration because the wine had such a light mouthfeel.  It helped make the wine fresh and lively, together with the fresh fruit flavours. 

Appearance: Opaque ruby, almost to the rim.
Nose: Medium intensity blackberries and cedar on the nose. With decanting I noted blackberries, plums, cedar, cinnamon and some gaminess.
Palate: It was soft and had a light mouthfeel. Ripe blackberries and plums on the palate, with cinnamon spice and a mineral streak.  Medium intensity, fine grained tannins.  With decanting I noted that the wine had a heavier mouthfeel, but still smooth and round.  Lighter acidity and lighter grained tannins.  Flavours of blackberries and black plums the most, together with cedar, cinnamon, vanilla, a touch of smokiness, minerality, and some gaminess with decanting.  
Finish: Smooth tannins on the finish.  A mix of black and red fruits, cedar, and a touch of gaminess and black pepper on the finish with decanting.

A delicious wine which you get a bigger, rounder mouthfeel with decanting.  The wine is very tasty without decanting (there is a light feel to it at that time), but becomes luscious when decanted (with the bigger rounder mouthfeel, plus the addition of some gaminess to the blackberry and plums aromas and flavours).  

Rating: 4.5 stars

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can buy the Pink Effervesence from the Evolve Cellars website. and the TIME Estate Syrah from the TIME Family of wines website.  Please check with your local wine shop to see if these wines are available.

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