Quick Review: MARTINI Asti DOCG Sparkling Wine

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, Feb 14.  Have you picked your sparkling wine to share with your significant other?  Are you or your partner more into sweet sparkling wines?  If so, I have one for you, Martini Asti DOCG, NV, from Italy.  Low alcohol at 7%.  This wine was popular with my parent’s generation, but have not seen or heard much about it in general.  Many of us have moved to the Brut Nature or Extra Brut levels of sweetness for our sparkling wines, but there may be some of you that enjoy a sweet sparkling wine.  This wine is listed as DOUX on the bottle, which for Champagne is more than 50g/l of sugar.  The grapes for this wine are Moscato Bianco and come from many of the 300 growers in the Asti region of Piedmont.

My Tasting Notes

MARTINI Asti DOCG NV ($12.99)

Appearance: Bright, medium lemon.  Thick mousse as poured and leaves medium sized bubbles on the inside of the glass.
Nose: Sweet aromas; lots of stone fruits and lime.
Palate: Medium-plus sweetness. Very thick mouthfeel with acidic prickle to balance and a very creamy bubble. Pronounced stone fruits, apricots, and honey to start, then add pears and apples to the mid-palate.  With a little time in the glass you also get lime and orange flavours. It has a medium-plus length.  A floral finish, together with stone fruits and honey.
Rating: 4 stars A very aromatic wine showing lots of stone fruit and lime. Pronounced stone fruit and honey flavours, with pears, apples, lime and orange later. Very sweet, Doux range, and a very creamy bubble.
MARTINI Asti DOCG with wine in glass
MARTINI Asti DOCG with wine in glass
You can also mix this with unsweetened orange juice to make a mimosa for your Valentine’s Day breakfast.
It’s On Sale for $12.99 till March 6 at BC Liquor Stores. Locations: https://www.bcliquorstores.com/product/1875
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