Exclusive New Wine Tasting Option at Singletree Winery

COVID, COVID, COVID.  It is present across BC, but there are things that we can do to keep ourselves and our family safer, while still being able to enjoy our beautiful province.  One new thing that we can do is enjoy a wine tasting at Singletree Winery in Abbotsford, now that they are providing a clear geodesic dome for groups of up to 6 people from the same household.  Here is Singletree’s press release.  Cheers.


[Abbotsford, BC] Singletree Winery presents an exclusive new tasting experience for wine lovers in the Fraser Valley: Di Vine Domes. By current Public Health regulations, and as it changes the winery will adapt, small groups from the same household (up to 6 people) or single persons with a max bubble of two, are invited to taste wine and enjoy local goodies inside decorated transparent domes.

Singletree Winery's Di Vine Dome. (Photo credit Megan Ashley Creative)
Singletree Winery’s Di Vine Dome. (Photo credit Megan Ashley Creative)
The domes at Singletree Winery are placed by the vines and offer a cozy atmosphere that is COVID-safe and great for families or couples wishing to enjoy a special date.
The winery team offers two domes with distinct themed décor: The Canadian Cabin with traditional porch chairs, faux fur rugs and a rustic feel, and the Enchanted Forest, with a chandelier, live edge table and cozy seats. Both domes are heated and complemented with winter decorations and lights.
There is a minimum spend of $50 per person to experience the domes, and bookings are 1.5 hours to enjoy one of three tasting experiences. View these choices here.
To reserve, book on the website. Tastings inside the Di Vine Domes at Singletree Winery are available from Wednesday to Sunday, 12-5:30pm. Extended dome hours are available on Friday and Saturday when you purchase a gourmet meal option; with one sitting per night from 6-8pm.
Wine lovers get to enjoy award-winning wine flights by Singletree and can choose between food options, like locally-sourced charcuterie and cheese boards and gourmet three-course meals, prepared by chef Adrian Beatty.
Visit the Singletree Di Vine Domes pages to view each option and book accordingly.
The domes are thoroughly sanitized between bookings. To learn more about this and to help answer all of your Di Vine Dome questions (including Singletree’s COVID-19 policies), please go to this link and review the Frequently Asked Questions.

About Singletree Winery

Singletree Winery Fraser Valley is in Abbotsford and Singletree Naramata is in the Okanagan. The Etsell family has deep roots in the agricultural community, and named their wineries Singletree, after the single-harness yoke which was an essential tool for pioneering farmers from all over the province.
With careful attention to their land, the Etsell family owners of Singletree, are committed to showcasing the best of British Columbia: the Fraser Valley, which provides a lineup of aromatic, crisp, and juicy wines that highlight this unique terroir; and Naramata Bench in the Okanagan, where the glacial soils and warm climate produce luscious red wines.
From growing grapes in their estate vineyards, taking the finished bottle to the shelf and to the very last sip of wine from the glass, Singletree’s active involvement, dedication, and passion for the land creates only the highest quality, award-winning and most flavourful and nuanced wine.
To learn more about Singletree, visit singletreewinery.com.
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