Do You Like Artwork about Wine?

Do you like artwork about wine?  Artist, Cecilia Anastos, contacted me and asked if I could let my readers know about her wine bottle series. Some of the paintings reflect her Italian sense of humour.   Cecilia is a self-taught artist located in the San Diego, California area.

If you enjoy her paintings, she created a 20% discount coupon till Oct 31, 2020, for you to own one of them; the code is WINEPAL. Besides getting a discount, Cecilia will donate 10% of the profit to a nonprofit organization named True Blue Service Dogs, Inc. When you buy her art, you are also supporting service dogs for adults and children with disabilities. 
Below are thumbnails of the wine bottle paintings series.  You can go to her website to view the paintings in more detail.  Maybe you own a restaurant and would like to add some original artwork to the walls, or maybe you just like wine and would like to adorn one of your walls at home?  She also likes shoes and has a shoe series.  Shoes are prominent in several of the wine bottle paintings as well. Here is a link to Cecilia’s website.
Cecilia Anastos paintings

Cecilia Anastos paintings

The bottom middle painting shapes reminds me a bit of the French artist, Michele Auderson. 
Cecilia is offering me a commission on any sales, which helps me pay for the costs related to domain ownership and website hosting so that I can provide my free wine reviews to you.

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