Quick Review: Grill Master’s Choice White and Red Blends from Chile

While summer is here we are using our bbq’s on the patio.  Here are two cheap and cheerful wines from Chile that were recommended for bbq season to me.  Both are blends; the winery Vina Punti Ferrer ltda does not list the grape varieties in the blends, but I will try to guess.  These wines are on sale, $1 off, till the end of August 2020.

My Tasting Notes

Grill Master’s Choice White Blend, NV (BC $14.49) –  I’m guessing Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and a little Sauvignon Blanc in this blend. The wine is a pale, bright straw colour.  It has a lighter nose showing stone fruits, in particular peach, citrus, citrus rind, and with some air a touch of honey and jalapeno pepper.  With decanting, the jalapeno pepper aroma disappears and it gets replaced with a light vegetal aroma.  This wine is slightly off dry, very round, smooth, and soft with lighter acidity.  Citrus, grapefruit and stone fruit flavours.  A touch of floral mid-palate and some mineral.  There is also some bitter rind or stem, but not unpleasant.  With decanting the wine feels lighter and the flavours are also a bit lighter.  It has a medium length, finishing with pepperiness.

Rating: 3.5 stars A light white blend with stone fruits and a touch of jalapeno pepper on the nose.  it is very smooth with light acidity. Mainly citrus and stone fruit flavours.

Grill Master’s Choice Red Blend, NV (BC $14.49) – This blend I think is Carmenere and Merlot with a touch of Pinot Noir.  It has a medium ruby colour and is translucent to the core.  A medium intensity nose with rich red fruits, lots of nutmeg, a touch of oak and other sweet spices along with some floral aromas. With decanting you can add a touch of capsicum and remove the floral aroma.  This wine is slightly off dry, with very light fine tannins.  Medium acidity.  Ripe sweet red fruits, nutmeg and other sweet spices, and a touch of floral on the palate.  It has a medium length finishing with pronounced cinnamon spice, and sweet red fruits.  A soft finish; acidity more than tannins in this wine when the wine is first opened.  If you give it some decanting time you get medium intensity tannins, plus additional flavours of raspberries, red cherries, plus cloves, and a touch of oak.  Decant for best enjoyment.

Rating: 3.5 stars4 stars An easy slipping, slightly off-dry red blend with lots of ripe sweet red fruits, nutmeg and other sweet spices on the nose and palate.  Decanting recommended to bring out the tannins.
Grill Master's Choice White and Red Blends from Chile with wines in glasses
Grill Master’s Choice White and Red Blends from Chile with wines in glasses

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

I have been told that these wine are widely available at private wine shops.  Here are a few locations:

Spinnakers Vic West: @spinnakerswestside

Spinnakers James Bay: @spinnakersjamesbay

Shady Rest: @theshadyliquorstore

The Landing Liquor Store: @thelandingliquorstore

Cork and Barrel: @corknbarrel

4 Mile Colwood: 4mile@colwood

Vernon Liquor Warehouse: @liquorwarehousevernon

Monashees Liquor Store: @monasheesliquor

Last Call Liquor Store: @lastcallliquormart

Okanagan Falls Market: @falls.market

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