Fresh & Fruity White and Rose wines from Thr3 Monkeys

Thr3 Monkeys logoHere are two easy sipping, uncomplicated wines from Spain’s the Thr3 Monkeys, if you want to monkey around on your patio while you enjoy your lunch or dinner this BC Day long weekend.  These wines are listed as vegan friendly.  A very friendly price as well. 

The Thr3 Monkeys has a distinct attitude toward wine that they are share with you.  According to their website their brand has:

  • Classical origins, traditional grape varieties, but in a very different packaging.
  • A very distinctive, attractive and fun label.
  • The brand travels well and spans different cultures easily, with a strong sales track record in diverse marketplaces.
  • The brand focuses on its consumers – beginners to anyone who just wants a simple sip of wine, and their lifestyles – simply by not taking itself too seriously…
  • …The basic assortment of THR3 MONKEYS™ are;
    • Semi-sweet white wine from Spain or Germany or Hungary
    • Semi-dry rosé wine from Spain
    • Semi-dry red wine from Spain
  • The label is independent of the juice. If there is a major opportunity, that might require adaptation, it could be the same label. For example, a red from Italy, or a white from Hungary or Spain, or… Challenge us!
The wines are both listed as NV – Non Vintage.  This means that the wines are not made from one specific year.  It could be a blend from different years.  This is useful if a winery wants to keep a certain House Style.  So that if you like their wine, it will taste the same every year.  With a vintage wine, the wine from 2019 may taste completely different from the 2020 vintage due to different growing conditions; one year may have been cool and rainy, while the other year could have been hot and dry.   

My Tasting Notes

Thr3 Monkeys Fresh & Fruity White Wine, NV  (BC $13.98) –  Is bright medium lemon in colour.  It has a medium intensity nose showing a nice mix of citrus and touches of honey and stone fruits.  Stone fruits get stronger with some air. It is a bit sweeter than off-dry, is round and has a thicker, viscous mouthfeel.  A lower acidity but still gives you a light prickle on your tongue.  Lots of flavour from this wine with a blend of citrus, tropical fruit, apple and a touch of peach. A medium length finishing with citrus flavours. Again with air, you get more stone fruit flavour.  

Rating: 3.5 stars Citrus and honey on the nose.  A round wine with a thicker mouthfeel and lower acidity.  A bit sweeter than off-dry.  Ripe tropical fruits and citrus flavours.

Thr3 Monkeys Fresh & Fruity Rosé Wine, NV (BC $13.98) –  Has a bright orangy salmon colour.  It has a medium intensity nose with a mix of sweet and tart red fruits and cranberry aromas.   It is off-dry with a thicker mouth feel and has a light acidic prickle on your tongue. Medium plus intensity flavour showing red fruits and candied red fruits, cranberries and red cherries from the mid palate to the finish.  Red cherries with a touch of pepperiness on the finish. Add rhubarb to the nose and on the palate with some air. 

Rating: 3.5 stars Sweet and tart red fruits on the nose continue to the palate, plus red cherries on the mid palate.  Medium plus body with a round, thicker mouthfeel.

Thr3 Monkeys Fresh & Fruity White Wine and Rosé Wine, NV with wines and glasses
Thr3 Monkeys Fresh & Fruity White Wine and Rosé Wine, NV with wines and glasses

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can find at your local wine shop, not at BC Liquor stores.  I have been told that you can purchase these wines at the Princeton Liquor Store in the East Village in Vancouver. Everything Wine also carries these wines.

Author: mywinepal
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