Dos Vinos from Finca Venta de Don Quijote in Spain

I’ve been writing a lot about BC wine lately, so I will take a short break and bring you 2 wines from Spain that you can get in BC. Finca Venta de Don Quijote, is a winery located in La Mancha, Spain. Both wines are blends. The first is their Sauvignon Blanc Macabeo 2019 and the other is their Tempranillo Syrah 2018. Both are sub $12 wines.  You may not have heard of the Macabeo grape.  It is widely grown in Spain.  You find it mainly in the Rioja and Cava regions in Spain. In the Cava region, it is one of the grapes used to make sparkling Cava wine.  This grape is also known as Viura.

My Tasting Notes

Finca Venta de Don Quijote Sauvignon Blanc Macabeo 2019 (BC $12.49 – $1 on sale till end of July) – has a bright medium intensity lemon colour. Youthful, medium intensity aromas of lemons and oranges the most then add in apples and tropical fruits. The wine is very slightly off-dry, has a light body and soft and round mouthfeel. Very soft fruit flavours of tropical fruit and citrus. Medium plus length finishing with a bit of tart citrus and stone fruits. An easy sipper. With decanting the aromas stayed the same, but on the palate it became fuller bodied, higher acidity, and had brighter flavours.  More citrus than tropical and you get a hint of stone fruits.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars A very smooth wine with lemon and tropical fruit on the nose and palate.  This wine is OK to sip over a few days as the flavours become brighter and the wine has a bigger mouthfeel.

Finca Venta de Don Quijote Tempranillo Syrah 2018 (BC $12.49 – $1 on sale till end of July) – has a deep dull garnet colour with a ruby tint. About 90% opaque. Pronounced aromas, very expressive, showing lots of crushed blueberries, along with blackberries, plums and earl grey tea leaves. It has lower acidity and medium tannins, but lots of body and fruit flavours. Lots of blueberries and violets. There is some red cherry flavour detectable behind the violets. You should like wines with a floral component as this is quite pronounced. The wine finishes with blueberries and floral, and some drying woody tannins. I did not see much difference with decanting other than floral being more noticeable on the nose.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars A very expressive wine with lots of blueberries and floral on the nose and palate.  

Finca Venta de Don Quijote Sauvignon Blanc Macabeo 2019 and Tempranillo Syrah 2018 with wines in glasses

Finca Venta de Don Quijote Sauvignon Blanc Macabeo 2019 and Tempranillo Syrah 2018 with wines in glasses

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

These wines are not available through BC Liquor stores, so you need to go to your local wine shop to ask.  I see that Everything Wine carries it, but is currently not in stock.  Check around.

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