Enjoy the Alsatian Wines from Arthur Metz at VanWineFest 2020

Cremant and white wines from Alsace are always food-friendly.  Read about Arthur Metz Company and the wines they will present at VanWineFest 2020 in their own words.

About Arthur Metz Company

Arthur Metz logoThe Maison Arthur Metz is ideally located at the start of the picturesque wine circuit in Alsace, which is the central road through the Alsace vineyards.

Arthur Metz is the leading player in the vineyards of Alsace and the main producer of the sparkling wine Crémant d’Alsace. Arthur Metz takes care of the vinification, ageing and bottling of the wines. The company’s business involves the whole process of wine growing and production. Equipped with two pressing and vinification centres: the Vendangeoir de Scharrachbergheim and Epfig Vinification Centre, Arthur Metz is able to process the wine from its harvest in the Marlenheim cellars in the heart of the vineyard.

Arthur Metz has set up a vinification strategy based on the quality of the winegrowers and the equipment together with maximum attention to the vinification process. Arthur Metz has always looked after the quality of wines. The many investments in the different production sites and the highly qualified team of oenologists are the living proof thereof.

This expertise is often awarded by many distinctions in national and international competitions. Arthur Metz is also present in many of the best restaurants.

Alsace – Land of Tradition

The wine-growing region of Alsace, one of the northernmost in France and in Europe, encompasses 119 little towns from Marlenheim in the north to Thann in the south. Parallel to the Rhine, it extends for 120 km and is only a few kilometres wide. The vineyards comprise 15,500 hectares of vines.

Nestled in the eastern foothills of the Vosges, the wine-growing region of Alsace blankets a line of hills of the lower Vosges at an average altitude of between 200 and 400 metres. The predominantly southern and southeastern exposures, as well as the particularly elevated height of the vines, offer grapes maximum sunlight. The natural barrier of the Vosges accommodates the vineyards and has a double impact on the very unique climate found in Alsace, which is semi-continental and which enjoys low rainfall.

Our Know-How

Our know-how encompasses the entire wine-growing sector: from work in the vineyards to wine-making, including the process from cultivation to bottling and trading.

Activity in Alsace encompasses our various sites:

  • The House of Arthur Metz in Marlenheim in northern Alsace, the first distributor of Crémant d’Alsace
  • Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar, with its fermenting room and our properties Domaine de la Ville de Colmar, Clos St-Jacques and Hospices de Colmar
  • Our 2 pressing and vinification centres: the Scharrachbergheim fermenting room and the Epfig vinification centre

Our facilities allow us to cover the entire Alsatian wine country, and thus to select the best terroirs in ideally situated plots of land to formulate exceptional wines and crémants while paying the utmost respect to tradition. We pay particular attention to the quality of our vines, grapes and wines in partnership with more than 425 vineyard owners over 1,050 hectares.

The Couronne d’Or Vineyard

Arthur Metz Couronne d'Or Vineyard

Our Winemaker Nicolas Haeffelin

Nicolas Haeffelin winemaker
Nicolas Haeffelin winemaker

Nicolas Haeffelin’s family has deep roots in the Alsatian Region, they established in the South of Alsace in the early beginning of the XVI Century. The Family has had a winemaker in each generation since 1560 which is something quite unique in Alsace.

Nicolas grew-up seeing around him all the members of his family involved in the Wine Business. His dad’s father used to take him to the vineyards as often as he could and when his Father started on his side the renewal of Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar Nicolas would spent all his free time at the Winery and especially riding his bicycle and cycling through the 10.5 hectares of the Clos Saint Jacques next to the Winery. More then all harvest time was his favourite period of the year, seeing grapes being processed, tasting the juice coming straight of the press and all the flavours of the aromatic wines fermenting in the cellar was such a pleasure every year and was probably the beginning of his passion for wine.

Later on at the age of 14, he would spend most of his free time and school holidays giving a hand at the winery and the vineyards. Two things he loved more then all were trellising the Vineyards during summer and helping his father cleaning the old wood casks that were in the cellar by that time. At great risk, his father took him with him as often as he could to visit the importers/distributors of the Domaine in countries nearby but also overseas which enforced his passion for the Wine Business. Being so close to the demand of the customers was really important to understand by that time.

So naturally, he chose to make Winemaking studies and has done all these years in Burgundy to become Oenologist at one of France’s most prestigious Oenology schools the Institut Jules Guyot in Dijon. During all this time he made internships in Burgundy in Small Domaines but also by a negociant and same in the Loire. In 2006 before entering his final year for the DNO (National Diploma of Oenology) he chose to go for a Vintage in New Zealand where he spent 6 months working in a familial winery to see how Sauvignon was made but also to help out for the first vintage for some grapes that he knew a bit more, Riesling and Gewurztraminer being processed for the first time in this winery. Finally, when graduated in 2008 he joined his Father at Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar.

Nicolas Haeffelin is also the winemaker for Marcel Cabelier, a related winery, through the Grands Chais de France.

The Wines We Will Feature at the International Festival Tasting Room

Arthur Metz Sushi 2018 (Alsace) –  a blend of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Muscat. Fruit and freshness on the palate. A perfect accompaniment with raw fish specialties.
Arthur Metz Crémant Rosé Pinot Noir NV (Alsace) – 100% Pinot Noir. Glittering with a peachy pink colour. Its expressive and fine nose displays strawberry and red berry jam notes found as well on the palate. Round and creamy, it offers a beautiful length and harmonious balance, along with a spicy finish. An excellent Crémant to be served as an aperitif, at cocktail parties and receptions.
Arthur Metz Grand Cru Riesling Altenberg de Bergbieten 2017 (Alsace) -A pretty pale yellow and bright wine.  A nose full of finesse on the mineral, identified by notes of spicy pepper and mint. Aromas of great elegance. Typical minerality for Riesling, and good volume with freshness. The finesse and elegance of the wine are felt in the length. Pair with fish, seafood, shellfish.

Arthur Metz Sushi 2018, Arthur Metz Crémant Rosé Pinot Noir NV, and Arthur Metz Grand Cru Riesling Altenberg de Bergbieten 2017 wines
Arthur Metz Sushi 2018, Arthur Metz Crémant Rosé Pinot Noir NV, and Arthur Metz Grand Cru Riesling Altenberg de Bergbieten 2017 wines

Arthur Metz Perle Noire NV (Alsace) – This is a Crémant d’Alsace BRUT.  Fine foam and golden colour with amber tints. Pleasant bouquet with distinguished aromas of yellow fruit. Bubbles finesse and soft fruity freshness. This Crémant d’Alsace will enhance gourmet cuisine, from the aperitif to the end of the meal.
Arthur Metz Pinot Pinot 2018 (Alsace) – A blend of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. Pale yellow with platinum reflections. An expressive nose of white peach notes, apricot, hazelnut and a lemony touch. Citrus notes and this wine also opens on apricot and peach, a touch of white flower. A complete wine; it can be served for a buffet cocktail, and with yuzu-snow crab tartar or a white meat brochette.

Arthur Metz Perle Noire NV and Arthur Metz Pinot Pinot 2018 wines
Arthur Metz Perle Noire NV and Arthur Metz Pinot Pinot 2018 wines
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