Are You Attending National Wine Day in Moldova?

We all know the major wine exporting countries, like Italy and France, but there are smaller countries around the world that produce wines that we may not yet know about.  Such as Moldova, a country bordered by Ukraine to the north and east, and Romania to the south and west.  If you are going to be travelling to Europe in the Fall, why not take a few days to visit Moldova for their National Wine Days on October 5 and 6, 2019?

Besides the vitis vinifera we see from other regions around the world like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Moldova does have indigenous grapes.  From Wikipedia:

A few local varieties can still be found in Moldova today:

Indigenous grapes of Moldova (courtesy Wikipedia)
Indigenous grapes of Moldova (courtesy Wikipedia). Sorry for using an image.  The special characters would not show up in text form.

Below is a press release about this event and some pictures so that you can see how beautiful the area is.  Enjoy.

Hundreds of excellent wines from 60 producers, a millennial tradition in winemaking, hospitality, unexplored destinations and an unbeatable offer in food and wine tourism – this is just a small part of the experience that awaits both amateurs and connoisseurs at the 2019 National Wine Day. Held in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, this annual event is emblematic for the country and unique in the region. For the 18th time in a row, it will attract tens of thousands of tourists in search of authentic experiences.

What is National Wine Day?

The National Wine Day is a celebration centered on the product of national pride – Wine of Moldova, the countrywide umbrella brand, under which high-quality Moldovan wines are produced. Here visitors have a unique opportunity to get to know the Wine of Moldova, to enjoy it and to learn its legends, but also to get acquainted with the local culture and gastronomy. Large- and small-scale wine producers, as well as producers of “Divin” gather at the Piata Marii Adunari Nationale (main square of the capital), where they propose tastings and sell a unique variety of wines: young, vintage, limited editions, and products launched for the first time at the national fest. The purpose of the event is also an educational one. The National Wine Day offers tastings, master classes, expert meetings and wine tours so that participants can learn how to assess high-quality wine, learn its history and production process, and discover the people that stand behind the Wine of Moldova.

This year, the National Wine Day will take place on 5th and 6th of October, and guests will be able to participate in the events dedicated to or associated with the Wine of Moldova. During this week, wineries from wine-growing regions of Moldova i.e. Codru, Stefan Voda, Valul lui Traian and Divin will open their doors for visitors welcoming them with special offers.

National Wine Day Rascov region
National Wine Day Rascov region

Awesome Things to do at National Wine Day

Taste as a connoisseur. Participate in the Wine School, one of the main attractions of the fest, where you will learn the rules and art of wine tasting, but also how to master correct and moderate wine consumption. Tasting workshops will be held by experts from the National Office of Vine and Wine and will include wines with Protected Geographical Indication and divins.

Get informed and catch offers. Go to the Info Points in the area where the event is held and search for the Taster’s Book, which offers you vouchers for 11 selected wine tastings, as well as discounts on promotional materials printed with the WoM logo. Here you can also find information about the National Day or join a group of tourists for a guided tour of the event.

Relax. Choose one of the three relaxation zones of the event, created according to an eco-friendly concept, and enjoy a natural and green environment where you can relax or communicate with friends in an eco-friendly atmosphere.

Travel in time. Immerse yourself into the historic atmosphere of the two authentic peasant courtyards where you can discover the act of winemaking as in the old times: with benches, barrels, hand press, grapes, baskets. Here you can also learn the moves of the traditional Moldovan dances from famous choreographers and whirl in a hora along with other popular dance lovers.

National Wine Day crushing grapes
National Wine Day crushing grapes

Appreciate traditional crafts. At the Handicraft Fair, you will discover that the Wine of Moldova is a true source of inspiration for craftsmen who have created hundreds of artistic works inspired by and dedicated to this national celebration. Participate in pottery, carving, painting, embroidering, and crocheting workshops to enjoy yourself even more at the wine celebration.

Enjoy the treats of Moldova. Dozens of Wine Friendly restaurants come with a variety of offers of street food & wine with organic food, grown in Moldova. The menu will include traditional mamaliga, sarmale, placinte and other festive dishes. Many of them will be cooked on the spot, and visitors can learn the recipes and secrets of the most popular Moldovan treats, but also how they can match them with wines produced from local varieties.

Come to love the music of Moldova. The artistic program will include the most famous Moldovan orchestras, dance ensembles, brass bands and tarafs, amateur artistic ensembles from the wine-growing regions of Moldova, Valul lui Traian, Stefan Voda, and Codru. In the evening you will be able to listen to Moldovan pop stars at a bigtime concert.

Go on a wine tour. Search for the Tourist InfoPoint meant for visitors who want to discover Moldova through wine tours. Start right from the heart of Chisinau to wine destinations, underground galleries, cellars, vineyards, tasting rooms, wine vaults and holiday farmhouses with special programs. We guarantee you memorable oenological adventures!

National Wine Day Castel Mimi
National Wine Day Castel Mimi
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