A Birds Eye View of the 2018 Grape Growing Season for the North & Central Okanagan

Have you ever wanted a bird’s eye view of the Okanagan?  Wondered what the grape growing season looked like from above?

I’ve put together this interactive application using Sentinel-2 satellite imagery centered over KelownaPenticton is just off the bottom of the image.  You can’t zoom into the images as it is just too big to view without specialized software for handling satellite images. The imagery starts April 23, 2018 and progresses through November 19, 2018 (the bright blue coloured areas in both dates are snow).  If you hover your cursor over the image it will show the date of the imagery.  Did you notice the popcorn clouds and the airplane vapour trail in the imagery as you dragged the slider?

A geeky way to view the Okanagan.  I hope you enjoy it.  I made the images a little smaller after the first upload so it should now render faster for you.  Give me some feedback.  I can put together other regions in BC if there is interest and at a higher ground resolution.