Quick Review: Bodega Norton Barrel Select Sauvignon Blanc

When you think of Argentinean wine, you probably think of Malbec for red and Torrontes for white.  Some of you may also mention Bonarda.  But how about Sauvignon Blanc?  Bodega Norton has produced a partially barrel fermented (in French oak) Sauvignon Blanc, which is new to me.  Barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc is more well-known coming from California where it is known as Fume Blanc.  I have tried and enjoyed many wines from Bodega Norton in the past, and have enjoyed a dinner with 2012 winemaker Jorge Riccitelli who was awarded “Winemaker of the year 2012″ by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

I received a sample of the Bodega Norton Barrel Select Sauvignon Blanc to review.  This wine is currently not available in BC liquor stores according to the BC Liquor Stores website, but is available in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  It may be available in private stores in BC.

My Review

Bodega Norton Barrel Select Sauvignon Blanc 2016 and glass of wine
Bodega Norton Barrel Select Sauvignon Blanc 2016 and glass of wine

Bodega Norton Barrel Select Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (ON $12.95) –  Medium, bright lemon in colour.  It has medium plus intensity on the nose with aromas of lemon, baby powder (which dissipates quickly), lime and light peach.  With some decanting, the peach aroma becomes more prominent, and you also now get some green fruit, and ruby grapefruit. The wine is dry, with above average acidity, leaving a slight acidic prickle on the tongue.  The wine feels heavier and thick, which would be attributed to the oak fermentation in my opinion.  The wine also has a quite evident salty minerality I enjoy.  Overall I’d say this wine is fresh and fruity on the palate, with citrus, apple, peach, flowers, and pears with some air.  Decanting brings on more green fruit, ruby grapefruit and a hint of oak.  The wine has a medium plus length with mouth-watering acidity, tart citrus and citrus rind, apple, and finishes with some pears. Overall quite tasty.  I can see this wine going very well with seafood.

Rating: 4 stars A more complex Sauvignon Blanc; fresh and fruit, with a mix of citrus and stone fruit.  Oak adds some mouth feel and complexity.

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