Everything You Wanted to Know About BC Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir Mosaic

Pinot Noir Mosaic

My journey is complete. After many emails, printing of tasting note sheets, receiving deliveries of BC Pinot Noir, writing tasting notes, locating BC Pinot Noir vineyards, correlating BC Pinot Noir wines with soil and with latitude using a GIS, and making a cool interactive BC Pinot Noir map is complete.

But maybe it is also the start of a new journey.  With the knowledge gained about unique aromas and flavours of the Pinot Noir grape in BC, wineries and vineyard operators may want to tailor where they plant their new Pinot Noir vines.  Or testing my results from the 2013 and 2014 vintages against future vintages, whether hotter or cooler.  I am happy to work with wineries and vineyards to help answer these questions about the heart-break grape.  I am extremely grateful for all the BC wineries that offered their Pinot Noirs for me to taste, analyze, and map, to help us all know a bit more about our terroir.

If you would like to catch up on my journey that started late Spring and ended late Fall, please enjoy reading the following articles. Cheers.

How Does BC Pinot Noir Express Terroir?

BC Pinot Noir Review: Our Samples for the Review

First Round of BC Pinot Noir Wines Reviewed

2nd Round of BC Pinot Noir Wines Reviewed

The Final Round of BC Pinot Noirs Reviewed

Identifying What is Pinot Noir and What is Not

Getting Back to the Soil with BC Pinot Noir

BC Pinot Noir Review – Unique Aromas and Flavours Identified

Latitude Speaking Through BC’s Pinot Noirs

Summarizing the BC Pinot Noir Review with a Cool Map

The Wineries That Helped in My Journey

Thank you again to the wineries for offering your wines for the BC Pinot Noir Review.  My tasting notes for your wines are in the “Review” rounds of articles, as well as in a tabular format in the interactive BC Pinot Noir map. For everyone else reading this article, please consider purchasing and trying some of these BC Pinot Noirs and experiencing our terroir.

  • 50th Parallel Estate
  • Arrowleaf
  • Averill Creek
  • Baillie Grohman
  • Bench 1775
  • Black Cloud
  • Blue Grouse Estate Winery
  • Burrowing Owl Estate Winery
  • CedarCreek Estate Winery
  • Evolve Cellars
  • Fort Berens Estate Winery
  • Gehringer Brothers
  • Haywire
  • Hillside Estate Winery
  • Joie
  • Liquidity
  • Meyer Family Vineyards
  • Moraine
  • Niche Wine Co
  • Nk’Mip Cellars
  • Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery
  • Quails’ Gate
  • Robin Ridge
  • See Ya Later Ranch
  • Seven Directions
  • Sperling Vineyards
  • SpierHead Winery
  • Sumac Ridge Estate Winery
  • Tantalus
  • Thornhaven Estates
  • Tightrope
  • Upper Bench Estate Winery
  • Volcanic Hills