Summarizing the BC Pinot Noir Review with a Cool Map

Pinot Noir Mosaic
Pinot Noir

From my first article posing the question, “what unique aromas and flavours may be characterized by BC’s Pinot Noir based on soil type“, I’ve led you through my process of tasting the wines, adding the tasting notes to a computerized GIS map, overlaid the tasting notes vineyard locations to a soil map of BC, and finally aggregating the flavours and aromas based on soil type.  I made several interesting word clouds for you, but you have not yet seen an interactive map of the vineyard locations, plus tasting notes, and soil types, for the study in BC.

That is until now!  Below you can interact with the map, viewing the vineyards, clicking on each vineyard dot symbol, to reveal its tasting notes and a picture of the associated wine.  I also have shown the soil types within approximately a 3km radius of the vineyard locations.  This may help wineries determine nearby locations to plant new vineyards.

You may not remember or know what the soil types mean, such as O.EB, so here is a link to my BC Pinot Noir Soil article to review if needed.  There is a link under this map to take you to a larger version of it, which I think would make exploring the map more fun.  Please let me know how you like the map, and if there is anything else you would like to see on it.  Enjoy!



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