Sparkling With Evolve Cellars

Encore Vineyards logoBC bubble is growing.  Before we only talked about Blue Mountain, Sumac Ridge and Summerhill, but now there are Bella, Stoneboat, Encore Vineyards, and many more.  I recently received a white and a rose sparkling wine to taste from Encore Vineyards and their winery Evolve Cellars.

The bottle labels are lightly coloured and appear to be bubbles in wine.  Nothing too formal, as I think these wines are meant to be enjoyed at any time.  The wines come at a great price point, under $20, and that is due in part to the method of sparkling wine production: the Charmat method.  This method differs from the Methode Champenoise, in that the 2nd fermentation is done in a large tank, then the sparkling wines are filled into bottles, then capped.  Using the large metal tanks for the secondary fermentation costs down the cost considerably.  With Methode Champenoise, the secondary fermentation happens in the bottle, and the bottles require riddling in order to get the dead yeast cells (the lees) to reach the neck of the bottle, before freezing the neck, extracting the frozen plug of lees, topping up the bottle and then sealing with a cork.  Quite a process.

A second reason I think for the lower price point is the closure.  These two wines are closed with a crown cap, rather than cork, which is less expensive.  Open and enjoy while they are still young.  With the crown closure, once the bottle is open, unless you have a special sparkling wine cap, you should finish off the wine before the wine goes flat.

What did I think about these two sparkling wines from Evolve Cellars?  Read on.

My Sparkling Wine Review

Evolve Cellars Effervescence NV ($19.99) – A blend of 70% Pinot Blanc and 30% Chardonnay. You get a very pale straw coloured wine.  It has a lighter intensity nose, with aromas of sweet stone fruit, and lesser amounts of lime and lemon.  It’s off-dry, with quite a creamy bubble.  Medium plus body and flavour intensity.  You get citrus and citrus rind up front, followed by stone fruit, in particular peach, along with lees, perfume and some stoniness.  I also picked up some chalkiness to the wine.  With a bit of air, apple flavour (which I think comes from the Pinot Blanc) in the wine also becomes apparent.  It finishes with a medium length, mouth-watering acidity, and more citrus and rind flavours.  This wine has some finesse and pairs nicely with lemon tart! 4 stars

Evolve Cellars Pink Effervescence NV ($19.99) – A blend of 97% Pinot Blanc and 3% Merlot make a very pale orangy pink in the glass.  Medium intensity, youthful aroma of strawberries.  Dry with high acidity.  Aggressive medium bubbles which later become creamy in your mouth.  Red cherries, strawberries and cranberries up front followed by pepper.  Also a hint of salty minerality. Medium plus body and flavour intensity.  Medium length that finishes with tart cherries, some bitter leaf and pepper.  You may want to pair this wine with lightly grilled fish and vegetables, or goat cheese.  I think the tart red fruit plus salty minerality may make an excellent complementary pairing. 4 stars

Evolve Effervescence and Pink Effervesence wines in glass
Evolve Effervescence and Pink Effervescence wines in glass

Where Can I Buy These Sparkling Wines?

You can purchase these 2 wines through Encore’s website.

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