BC Pinot Noir Review: Our Samples for the Review

Since I published my initial article, How Does BC Pinot Noir Express Terroir?, I have been receiving bottles of BC Pinot Noir from the 2013 and 2014 vintages, with a few from 2012.  The wineries who has graciously provided me with their wines for this study are:

  • Thornhaven Estates
  • Sperling Vineyards
  • Burrowing Owl
  • Niche Wine Co.
  • Volcanic Hills
  • Seven Directions
  • Cedar Creek Estate Winery
  • Bench 1775
  • Gehringer Brothers
  • Arrowleaf
  • SpierHead
  • Upper Bench Estate Winery
  • Liquidity
  • Averill Creek
  • Baillie-Grohman
  • Meyer Family Vineyards
  • Evolve
  • Moraine
  • Joie farm
  • Tantalus

There are a few more wineries to come, and I will add them shortly.  If you are a BC winery that produces a Pinot Noir wine, but have not contributed, please contact me.  The more samples I have, the better I will be able to analyze the relationship between the Pinot Noir grape, soil, latitude, and/or average temperature.

The hardest part, to taste and make detailed notes, comes next.  As I taste through each wine, I will send out a Twitter tweet so that you can watch my progress.  I look forward to this new journey and hope we will learn something new about BC Pinot Noir and its terroir.  As you can see in the images below, there are a few rose wines.  I had not anticipated it, but it should also show the flavours and aroma of the Pinot Noir grape.

What I Will Produce

Just as I did for the BC Riesling Review, I will:

  • publish all my tasting notes
  • review the soil types associated with the vineyards
  • produce an article on unique aromas and flavours of BC Pinot Noir by soil type
  • produce an article on unique aromas and flavours of BC Pinot Noir by latitude and/or average temperature
  • produce an interactive story map about our BC Pinot Noir.
Pinot Noir Mosaic
BC Pinot Noir Mosaic

A few more wines and thank you to:

  • Noble Ridge
  • See Ya Later Ranch
  • NK’Mip
  • Sumac Ridge
  • 50th Parallel Estate
  • Tightrope
  • Black Cloud

BC Pinot Noir Mosaic 2

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