VanWineFest – It’s a Wrap – Everything I Wrote and Recorded

Another successful Vancouver International Wine Festival has passed, and I was able to try many bottles of fantastic wines.  But do you know the reason for the Vancouver International Wine Festival?

Bard on the Beach logoTasting and learning about wine; yes of course, but the main reason is to raise funds for the Bard on the Beach Theatre Society.  The reason for Bard on the Beach is to perform, explore and celebrate the genius of William Shakespeare.  They perform live theatre outside at Vanier Park from June through September in Vancouver.  The Arts are important to us all, and helping to spread Shakespeare’s works, and allowing people to experience live theatre outside is an added bonus.  Please consider attending the upcoming Bard on the Beach plays this summer.

I was very busy during the Vancouver International Wine Festival tasting wine and meeting with winery principals, primarily from Italy.  Below are the articles and youtube videos that I produced for this year.  Enjoy!

My Articles

My Youtube Videos

VanWineFest 2016 - MyWinePal Youtube Videos

VanWineFest 2016 – MyWinePal Youtube Videos