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Taste Washington logoWashington State has an amazingly large number of wineries.  800+ wineries.  Compare that to the 273 wineries in British Columbia.  Washington State has much more land available for viticulture.  In BC we are quite constricted by our mountain ranges in the interior.  But we here in BC can enjoy Washington state wines as it is just a short trip to go across the border from Vancouver.  One of the premier events showing off the wonderful Washington State wines is “Taste Washington“, with it’s Grand Tasting on the weekend of April 2-3, 2016.

Sugar cured salmon from Palisade at Taste Washington 2015
Sugar cured salmon from Palisade at Taste Washington 2015

One thing I really like about the Grand Tasting is that interspersed among the winery tables are restaurant tables.  There will be 65 restaurants participating!  You can grab a nibble from a restaurant table and try it with different wines.  Which wines work well with a particular appetizer?  Time to experiment and have some fun.  Food and wine also should be enjoyed together.

If you like big red wines then this will be a great show for you.  Washington State produces big, round Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah.  For the white wine lover, don’t miss Washington State wineries’ Rieslings, which they are well known for.  Try Chateau Ste Michelle’s Eroica Rieslings if you have a chance.

I’ve attended Taste Washington before, and have written about my experiences on mywinepal.  You can view my previous Taste Washington articles here.

You can buy tickets for Taste Washington’s Grand Tasting at this link.

Which Wineries are Participating?

The list below shows the 225+ Washington state wineries that will be participating in this event.  You can click on the links below to take you to the winery’s website for further details.  There are so many wonderful wineries here, there should be several you really enjoy.

A few that I may recommend are: Andrew Will, Betz Family Winery, Browne Family Vineyards, Col Solare, Lauren Ashton, Mark Ryan Winery, Revelry Vintners, and Milbrandt Vineyards.

14 Hands

a’Maurice Cellars

Abbe Vineyard and Winery

Adams Bench Winery

Airfield Estates

Alexandria Nicole Cellars


Almquist Family Vintners

Amavi Cellars

Ambassador Wines of Washington

Amelia Wynn Winery

Ancestry Cellars

Andrew Will

Anelare Winery


Aniche cellars

AntoLin Cellars

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

Armstrong Family Winery

Array Cellars

Ascendente Winery


Baer Winery

Balboa Winery

Baroness Cellars

Barrel Springs Winery

Barrister Winery

Bartholomew Winery

Basel Cellars

Beaumont Cellars

Beresan Winery

Bergdorf Cellars

Betz Family Winery

Brady Cellars

Brian Carter Cellars

broVo Spirits

Browne Family Vineyards

Buried Cane

Burnt Bridge Cellars


Cadaretta Winery

Cadaretta Winery


Cairdeas Winery

Camaraderie Cellars

Canoe Ridge Vineyard


Cascade Cliffs Winery

Cavatappi Winery

Cave B Estate Winery

Charles & Charles

Charles Smith Wines

Chateau Ste. Michelle

Chinook Wines

Cinq Cellars

Claar Cellars

Cloudlift Cellars

Co Dinn Cellars

Col Solare

Columbia Crest

Columbia Winery

Convergence Zone Cellars

Cooper Wine Co

COR Cellars

Coral Wines

Corvus Cellars

Côte Bonneville

Côtes de Ciel

Cougar Crest Estate Winery

Darby Winery


DeLille Cellars, Grand Ciel & Doyenne

Desert Wind Winery

DiStefano Winery

Diversion Wine

Domaine Pouillon

Double Canyon


Dunham Cellars

Eagle Creek Winery

Echo Ridge Cellars


Eight Bells Winery


Elsom Cellars

Emily Parsons

Eye of the Needle Winery

Fall Guy Cellars


Fielding Hills Winery



For a Song

Forgeron Cellars

Four Lakes Winery

Gamache Vintners

Genoa Cellars

Gilbert Cellars

Goose Ridge Estate Winery

Gordon Estate

Gorman Winery

Gravel Bar Winery

Guardian Cellars

Gård Vintners

Hedges Family Estate

Henry Earl Estate Wines

Hightower Cellars

Hoodsport Winery


J Bell Cellars


JM Cellars

John Bookwalter Wines

Jones of Washington

K Vintners/Charles Smith Wines

Karma Vineyards

Kerloo Cellars

Kevin White Winery

Kiona Vineyards and Winery

Kitzke Cellars

Koi Pond Cellars

Komodo Dragon

Kontos Cellars

L’Ecole No 41

Lake Roosevelt Wine Company

Lauren Ashton Cellars

Lobo Hills Wine Co.

Locus Wines

Lodmell Cellars

Long Shadows Vintners

Love That Red Winery

Mackey Vineyards

Mark Ryan Winery

Market Vineyards

Martinez & Martinez Winery



Memaloose/Idiot\’s Grace

Mercer Estates

Tenor Wines

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