Have You Tried Vaporetto No. 8 Prosecco?

Prosecco is one of the sparkling wines coming out of Italy, and probably the most well-known.  There are different levels of quality, with of course different price points.  I have been told that some retail shops and hair salons in Italy that each customer is handed a glass of prosecco to sip while they shop or get quaffed.  Prosecco may be a less complex and less complicated wine compared to Champagne, but it should not be overlooked for it’s enjoyment.  As I mentioned there are different quality levels of prosecco, producing a more serious sparkling wine.  A case in point is the Vaporetto No. 8 Prosecco that I received to taste this summer.

Vaporetto No. 8 Prosecco DOC Brut NV (SPLTY $17.99)

Venice Vaporetto

Venice Vaporetto (from elizwrites.com)

This prosecco is made from the Glera grape, which I am not familiar with.  A quick check online and to my surprise, it is the original name of the white grape which was until recently known as Prosecco.  The grape is grown in the Veneto region (Venice) of Italy.

Vaporetto is another question I had.  What is a Vaporetto?  Well in Venice as we know, there are many canals, and to travel along the canals, you can take a “Little Steamer” boat, which in Italian are known as Vaporetto.  Vaporetto No. 8 I take is a specific boat, but I have not yet searched for it online.  Maybe you can, and can post the link in my Comment section? 

Vaporetto have their roots in northern Italy, just like the Glera grape.  Thus the name on the wine label.

This wine is pale straw in colour, but has quite a storm of tiny bubbles swirling in the glass.  It had a light intensity nose, with ripe stone fruits, particularly peaches, and a hint of citrus.  It was slightly off-dry, with more peach flavor, some grapefruit rind and flowers on the palate.  It finished with some bitter almond, but that soon went away and was replaced with a hint of bright sweet cherry flavor.  I enjoyed the tiny bubbles and acidity on the tongue together with the fruit flavours.  This is a fun and an elegant sip, at a very good price.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars A fun and elegant sip, with wonderful stone fruit nose and flavour.
As this is a specialty wine, you would likely find it in one of the private wine stores in Vancouver.
Vaporetto No 8 Prosecco bottle

Vaporetto No 8 Prosecco bottle