Can Malbec Age? Trying a 40 Year Old Malbec from Bodega Norton

Malbec is known as the signature grape of Argentina, but can it age?  We found this out, at least for our bottle sampled, during my Bodega Norton wine maker dinner earlier this month.  Bodega Norton’s Chief Winemaker, Jorge Riccitelli brought 3 bottles of their 1974 Malbec from Argentina for us to try.  Now this was not their Reserva level at that time; just their regular entry level Malbec.  How did it fare over the past 30 years?

1974 Malbec in glass and bottle
Bodega Norton 1974 Malbec in glass and bottle

It was medium brick red in colour, in fact the colour was quite pleasing.  Sweet, stewed black fruit, bacon and leather aromas.  Medium body and acidity.  Dry with stewed fruits, leather and spice followed by red fruits on the mid palate.  The acidity cleans up your palate and you get some oak on a long finish to this wine.  It was really a special wine.

So in this case, yes Malbec can age, and do it very gracefully.  Thank you to Jorge Riccitelli for bringing such a rare wine to this tasting.

1974 Bodega Norton Malbec
1974 Bodega Norton Malbec
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  1. I’m excited to read your tasting notes on a 40-year-old Malbec as I’ve had some 25-year-old Malbecs with similar experience. Vintages 2007 and 2008 are incredible now and they can still age with grace.

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