Flat Roof Manor Pinot Grigio 2012 – My Notes

Last September I was first introduced to the wines of Flat Roof Manor, a winery located in the Stellenbosch region of South Africa.  At that time I wrote about their Flat Roof Manor Malbec.  Their wines are priced very aggressively and provide you with a decent, fruit driven wine.  I was happy to be asked to review their Pinot Grigio, which is a perfect wine for our summer season.

My Tasting Notes

Flat Roof Manor Pinot Grigio 2012
Flat Roof Manor Pinot Grigio 2012

Flat Roof Manor Pinot Grigio 2012, South Africa (BC $12.99, ON $11.25) – Pale lemon colour.  Very aromatic when you first open the bottle.  I could smell pears just from pouring the wine in the glass.  It has youthful aromas of pears, and stone fruit.  There is also some lees, some leafiness, and an almond note on the nose.  Dry with a higher acidity.  You get a bit of acidic prickle on your tongue.  Very light mouth feel with stone fruit and citrus fruit up front, and then some ripe red delicious apples on the mid palate.  I also picked up a hint of lime and the lees/almond.  A mouthwatering finish with a bit of the leafiness and then the apple flavour shows up again.  It’s under a screw cap so drink it now. Aging is not needed.

I did try this wine over 2 days and I did not notice any discernible difference in aromas and flavours between the two days. This is a straight forward everyday sipper.  With it’s higher acidity you should enjoy this wine with some food, rather than sipping it on it’s own.  (FYI this wine is currently on sale till Aug 24 in BC for $11.49).

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