Every year the Vancouver International Wine Festival hosts winery principals from around the world to pour their wines and give us their back story.  There has not been an easy place though for the wineries to talk directly to you about themselves and their wines before the Festival starts, until now.  On these pages you will find posts written by the wineries, passing along their information to you, making you better informed about them before you present your glass at their table during the Vancouver International Wine Fest.  You may even have more courage to ask the winery principals a question or two based on what you read about them or their wines.  A grape experience for you and them.  Read on and enjoy!

Theme Country: Canada 2017

Theme Country: Italy 2016

Theme Country: Australia 2015


Drink Good Wine. That is my motto and I really want to help you drink good wine. What is good wine? That can be a different thing for each people. Some people prefer red wines. Some only like Cabernet Sauvignon. MyWinePal was started by Karl Kliparchuk, WSET. I spent many years with the South World Wine Society as the President and then cellar master. I met many great wine makers. I love to travel around the world, visiting wine regions and sharing my passion for food & wine with you. Come live vicariously through me, and enjoy all my recommended wines.

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