Heading into the Chinese New Year of the Wooden Sheep

Chinese Year of the Sheep 2015

Chinese Year of the Wooden Sheep According to, “…Sheep is one of Chinese favorite animals…2013 is Snake year; 2014 is Horse year. Both of them are in Fire group. 2015 is the last year of Fire cycle. Sheep is the…

Let’s Talk about Samantha Syrah and Haywire Free Form Wines

Samantha Rahn

Okanagan Crush Pad seems to be coming up with lots of small production wines, trying different things with different grapes, people, and inspiration.  This article is about two of their latest wines; Haywire Free Form and Samantha Syrah. About Haywire…

What is the Story About OCP Narrative Red and White?

OCP Narrative logo

Okanagan Crush Pad keeps telling us that “Wine is Narrative“.  Every wine tells a story.  Some stories though are more interesting than others.  I think the more specific a place, the more the terroir can speak through the wine.  While…