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What Do You Know about Washington and Oregon Wines? Check Out EAT! Vancouver

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We all love drinking our BC wines.  Although we do have a hotter climate in the South Okanagan, we still are overall a fairly cool climate region, doing well with aromatic white varieties, along with Pinot Noir and Gamay, as you…

Atkinson’s: A Journey of the Senses, RIEDEL Wine Tasting Event

Riedel wine tasting glasses

Have you ever tried tasting wines from differently shaped glasses?  There is a difference in aroma intensity and flavour.  RIEDEL in association with Atkinson’s is having a special wine tasting event where you can sample some wines using a new…

Road 13 Vineyards is Canada’s Top Winery at Wine Align’s National Wine Awards 2018

Mick Luckhurst from Road 13 Vineyards

Wine Align’s National Wine Awards were recently released and one winery, Road 13 Vineyards, in Oliver, BC, took away a major load of awards for their wines, and in the process were named Wine Align’s Top Canadian Winery.  Congratulations to…