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Our Founder

José Alberto Calvo Casajús

José Alberto Calvo Casajús

José Alberto Calvo Casajús was born in Quintana del Pidio. This small town is located on the foothills of the north side of the Duero Valley that shapes the appellation of Ribera del Duero. He had the privilege of growing up in the bosom of a winemaking family, thus, he was exposed at a very young age to the winemaking process and began to elaborate excellent artisan wine in this traditional winery.

His main objective: the Total Quality of his wines.

He had the privilege of growing up in the bosom of a winemaking family, thus, he was exposed at a very young age to the winemaking process and began to elaborate excellent artisan wine in this traditional winery. Until 1993 Jose Alberto was an active member of the local wine cooperative. At that time however, he decided to leave the co-op and dedicate himself to bettering his own wines, a task that brings him great joy.

Therefore, his love and passion for every aspect that surrounds the winemaking process encouraged him to found José Alberto Calvo Casajús Winery; a modern company equipped with advanced technology, but rooted with the familiar spirit that conserves the most genuine wines of the shores of the Duero.

Ribera del Duero

Casajus winery

Casajus winery

It has been more than 2000 years that the land that encompasses the Ribera de Duero has been cultivating and producing wines. This is demonstrated by the greater Roman mosaic of the peninsula found in the Baños de Valdearados (Burgos). In the XII century, the first wineries were excavated in the subsoil and the wine and the vineyards are the protagonists of the cultural and economic development of the zone. In the XV century the first decrees for the control of production and commerce were created. Finally in 1982 after periods of prosperity and recession, the Ribera de Duero Denomination of Origin is created.

Nowadays, great wines are made in this area. The main factors are the soil and the climate. The vineyard soil is made mainly of sand and stones. This is ideal for rain drainage and keeping the moisture in the lower layers of the soil, where the deep vine roots find humidity and nutrients. The climate is marked by the notable swings in temperature, both between summer and winter and also between day and night during the growing season. This is due to the northern latitude and the 800 to 900 meters above sea level altitude. These two factors are essential for growing a high-quality Tempranillo a.k.a. “Tinta del Pais”, original from Ribera del Duero and most popular grape in the area.

The Wines We Will Pour at the Festival

2014 Casajus Vendimia Seleccionada

Casajus Vendimia Seleccionada

Casajus Vendimia Seleccionada

This wine is made of 100% Tinta Fina (Tempranillo) grapes from our vineyards located in Quintana del Pidio, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero appellation in the province of Burgos. Harvest was done by hand and the grapes were brought into the winery in small stainless steel trays. Once in the winery, the fermentation took place in a small stainless steel tank of 10,000 liters with a rigorous temperature control to keep the freshness of the juice and develop its aromatic potential.
In the winery’s quiet aging room, the wine rests inside French oak barrels to perfectly knit the characteristic red fruit tones with the new oak aromas.

Powerful attack with an initial velvety impression that is followed by a cascade of blackberry and licorice hints with mineral nuances. It is ample and rich with impressive sweet fruit tannins for this 6 months aged wine, unique example of a Tinta Fina made from 85-year-old vines.

2011 Casajus NIC

Casajus NIC 2011

Casajus NIC 2011

NIC is made by Jose Alberto Calvo Casajús a winemaker and grape grower of great family tradition in the village of Quintana del Pidio, one of the top sites in the Ribera del Duero appellation. NIC comes from small grapes from the vineyards planted by our family back in 1920 in the area known as “El Montecillo” and “Carracabañes”. These vines have a very limited yield of around one kilogram per plant. The varietal is the indigenous “Tinta del País”, which is a clone of Tempranillo. This is a noble grape that gives color, aromas, and body to this wine.

NIC is raised following a special wine-making process. The fermentation, maceration and aging takes place in 500 liter barrels made out of French oak from the area of Troncais. The wine spends at least 25 months in these barrels. This artisan process of very careful wine-making is aimed to achieve the best result from the grapes.

Structured with an elegant pass in the palate showing great balance between the fruit and the oak. Polished finish with hints of chocolate, licorice, and minerals. Great potential. 100% Tinto Fino. Perfect pairing with red meats, stews, and cheeses.

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